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Camping Update - August 2023 

After much deliberation, the Torrance Barrens Working Group, in partnership with Ontario Parks, has designated six tent campsites in the Torrance Barrens.

  • Visitors are permitted to hike to a designated campsite to pitch a tent and stay overnight at the Torrance Barrens.

  • Through Summer 2023, designated campsites at the Torrance Barrens are accessible on a first come, first serve basis and are free of charge. Ontario Parks will eventually implement a permit system similar to Algonquin Provincial Park, under which visitors will need to reserve their campsite ahead of time and pay a fee to obtain a camping permit.  

  • The designated campsites are backcountry sites. Visitors must carry in all supplies (e.g. water) and carry out all garbage.  

  • Camping and fire-making are banned throughout the Torrance Barrens except at the six designated tent campsites. This ban will be actively enforced by Ontario Parks.

The purpose of designating official campsites was to concentrate disturbances associated with camping to a finite number of locations in the Torrance Barrens. The number and location of the designated campsites were chosen in consideration of ecological values (e.g. species-at-risk), as well as other recreational uses at the Barrens, including hiking and stargazing.

As always, we ask visitors – including campers – to respect the Torrance Barrens by leaving no trace, minimizing light pollution and noise, and respecting the natural environment.

A map showing the location of the six designated campsites is forthcoming.

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