Ban on Camping and Fire-making - August 2020

Due to several factors - including an increasing number of campers and fire-makers in the Barrens, the proximity of the Barrens to several children's summer camps, and a particularly dry summer - the Township of Muskoka Lakes unanimously passed a resolution requesting a ban on all camping and fire-making activities in the Torrance Barrens. This ban includes RV/car camping, tent camping, making campfires, and setting off fireworks. Ontario Parks is actively enforcing this camping ban within 200m on each side of the Southwood Road. Vehicular access is included in the ban. 

Local stakeholders, including the Town(ship)s of Muskoka Lakes and Gravenhurst, are currently working with the Ministry of the Environment to find a long-term solution that will promote safety and protection of the Muskoka environment. Potential solutions include a permanent ban on camping and fire-making, creating designated camping areas, and/or charging fees to camp so that there are funds to periodically clean up the Reserve. Such solutions could include converting the Torrance Barrens to an operating Provincial Park, with corresponding staffing and infrastructure. 

If you are passionate about the Barrens and would like to have your voice heard, we recommend that you contact the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks (Northeast Zone), the Town of Gravenhurst, or the Township of Muskoka Lakes. 

We thank you in advance for your compliance with these new rules and for your commitment to protecting the Torrance Barrens. 

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