Update on Camping and Fire-making - July 2021

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Our community group -- with support from the Townships of Gravenhurst and Muskoka Lakes -- has asked users to refrain from camping and making fires in the Torrance Barrens for the time being, given the high degree of environmental impact that has occurred in the Reserve due to such activities. 

Looking to the long-term, a Torrance Barrens working group is currently helping Ontario Parks create several designated campsites within the Torrance Barrens. The hope is that this will concentrate camping and fire-making to a finite number of locations, helping to mitigate the risk of escaped fires, preserve night-sky viewing activities, and reduce general environmental damage to the Reserve. It is anticipated that a permit-system will be developed to facilitate camping at these designated sites, similar to Algonquin Provincial Park and other well-known camping locations. 

We expect that these new designated camping sites will be finalized in Fall 2021. We will endeavor to post information about the interim rules concerning camping for Summer 2021 as we learn more about the evolving Covid situation and local community developments.


If you are passionate about the Barrens and would like to have your voice heard, we recommend that you contact the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks (Northeast Zone), the Town of Gravenhurst, or the Township of Muskoka Lakes. 

We thank you in advance for your compliance with these new rules and for your commitment to protecting the Torrance Barrens.