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Dark Sky 

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The Torrance Barrens is the world's first permanently designated Dark Sky Reserve and, as such, is a premier location for viewing the cosmos. Only a two-hour drive from downtown Toronto, the Torrance Barrens is a uniquely accessible place to view the night sky in its pristine state. 

Protected or undeveloped land virtually surrounds the Reserve, acting as a buffer from urban lighting and maintaining nighttime darkness. The Barrens is neither situated in a valley (with hills obscuring horizon views) nor highly elevated (with inevitable distracting towers and other light sources in the far distance).

The Torrance Barrens is world-renown for its night sky, and visitors are welcome to come after dark to enjoy the nighttime spectacle. 

Vast expanses of Canadian Shield bedrock provide an unobstructed surface from  which to observe  the sky, offering 360   degree panoramic  views  of  the  cosmos. This  hard, granite surface is immune to vibrations, making it ideal for telescopes and astrophotography.

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