Update on Camping in the Torrance Barrens-June, 2019

Until further notice, visitors are being asked to refrain from camping (pitching tents, vehicle/RV camping, etc.) and making fires in the Torrance Barrens. Without park rangers, designated camping areas, garbage bins, and clean-up staff/volunteers, camping and fire-making has and will cause significant harm to the Torrance Barrens. While the vast majority of campers do so safely and respectfully, a few "bad apples" have left massive amounts of garbage in the main dark sky viewing area and in the surrounding trails. Though it has luckily not happened yet, one irresponsible camp-fire could tarnish the landscape for decades.

In collaboration with local Muskoka stakeholders and government officials, the Ontario Ministry of Environment is currently in the process of coming up with a more permanent decision regarding camping in the Barrens. Adding garbage bins to the Barrens will help tremendously with the litter issue, and is atop the list of planned infrastructural improvements. Creating designated camping areas and permitting only back-country camping (i.e. not in the main dark sky viewing areas/near hiking trails) are two ideas currently being considered. The final decision will be posted on this website, as well as at the Barrens itself. Until that time, we ask that visitors please not stay in the Barrens overnight.