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Other Activities

Mountain Biking: Spring, Summer, Fall 

The Barrens' hard bedrock surface provides a fun and challenging surface on which to mountain bike. Please make sure to stay on the trails and ensure that you grant right of way to hikers.

Blueberry Picking: Summer (July & August) 

The Barrens provides great seasonal blueberry picking. Search along the exposed bedrock in July/August and you are sure to find some of Southern Ontario's delicious wild blueberries. Store-bought berries just can't compare! 


Snowmobiling: Winter

A number of snowmobile trails pass through the Torrance Barrens. To learn more, check out the Muskoka Snowmobile Club's website 

Wildlife-Viewing: Year-round (best in Spring)

The Torrance Barrens is an excellent spot to go birding and for wildlife photography. Several unique and nationally rare species can be found in the Barrens such as the Massasauga rattlesnake and Sandhill crane. Hiking quietly at dawn and dusk is your best bet. Keep your eyes peeled in the marshes for beavers and waterfowl. Search on the boardwalks for basking reptiles and amphibians. Mammals are most often spotted along the side of the Southwood road. 

Nature Photography: Year-round 

The Barrens has numerous ecological systems contained within a small geographical range. From brilliantly colored deciduous trees in the fall, to spectacular wetland landscapes in the spring, rising with steam in the early hours, there is no shortage of natural landscapes for photographers to enjoy. On clear nights, the night sky is a year-round photographic subject.


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