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November 2012-Hikers on bridge (2) davis


The Torrance Barrens has two  main loop trails, the  Main Trail and  the Pine Ridge Loop Trail. Both of these  hikes  can  be extended using  the  Barrens  Extension.  Please  keep  in mind  that the Barrens' hiking paths are considered 'semi-wilderness'. Trails are sometimes flooded and are almost always muddy and buggy!                                         

Main Trail: 3.0 km 

The Main Trail  circles  the  Highland  Pond.  A  boardwalk  first

brings  you  across  the  marsh,  offering  a  great   opportunity

to  spot  turtles,  frogs,  snakes,  and  waterfowl. A  moderately 

steep incline brings the trail up to a ridge, offering picturesque

views of the pond and the fens surrounding it. 

Pine Ridge Loop Trail: 5.0 km 

The  Pine  Ridge  Loop  Trail  features several  additional  views 

of some of the characteristic  Barrens landscapes. The trail asc-

ends to a ridge which parallels the Southern shore of Pine Lake.  

Barrens Extension: 6.0 km 

The Barrens  extension  can be  added to  either hike, and  brings 

the trail around an additional marsh, in which beaver activity can

often be detected 


Bridge davis.jpg
November 2012-Hikers on bridge (2) davis

The Torrance Barrens hiking trails all begin from the main parking lot area off of the Southwood road (Muskoka Road 13). The first trail from the parking  lot brings you to  the dark sky viewing area. Head to the right, and you should see the beginning of the hiking trails near the shore of the marsh.

Pine Ridge Loop

Main Trail

Main Trail

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